Naghi Olga - died in prison.

Naghiu Gheorghe - died at Gherla in 1963.

Nagi Mina - died at Gherla in 1950.

Nagy Laszlo - aged 36, from Santana-Mures, he was shot dead by Securitate on 12 August 1950.

Naicu Gheorghe - died at Gherla in 1959.

Naim (?) - young Turk, graduate of Mircea cel Batran High School in Constanta, died in 1953 at Aiud.

Nanca Eugen - priest, died in Periprava colony.

Naum Jean - b. 1881, Doctor of Law, legal consultant of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then royal adviser to kings Ferdinand I, Carol II, and Mihai I; he was arrested in 1958 and he died after 3 weeks, during the investigation, at Vacaresti penitentiary hospital.

Naum Neagoe - assistant at Cluj Faculty of Agronomy, arrested in 1947, he was tied in a bag and thrown into the sea.

Nazal Negip - peasant of Turkish origin, aged 42, from Tataru-Constanta, died during the investigation in Constanta on 21 October 1948.

Naiculescu Emil - from Poiana Mare, arrested on 18 February 1952, sentenced for "launching rumors against the regime", died in Bragadiru labor colony on 28 September 1952. Nasaramba Ion - worker of Turnu Severin Shipyards, arrested in 1952 following a denunciation against him and sentenced to death for the "crime of sedition against the state", because he was a member of an anticommunist resistance movement.

Nastase Vasile - peasant aged 36, from Viperesti-Buzau, died in 1947 at Aiud.

Nastase (?) - schoolteacher from Muscel county; he took part in the anticommunist resistance movement of the Fagaras mountains in Arnautoiu's group, his wife being also arrested. He was shot dead.

Nataran Ion (a.k.a. Codreanu) - peasant from the village of Oporelu, Olt county, shot dead during the 1960 peasant revolt in the region for refusing to join the collective farm.

Neacsu Aneta - wife of general Neacsu, she died in Miercurea Ciuc prison, where political prisoners were subjected to an extermination regime.

Neagoe Dumitru - peasant, aged 26, from Barasti-Olt, died in 1947 at Aiud.

Neagoe (?) - captain, was shot dead in July 1949 Zdrenianin extermination camp (Yugoslavia).

Neagu Dinu - schoolteacher from the village of Macrina, Rm. Sarat county, was arrested successively between 1947-1959, and killed during the investigation, in September 1959, in Rm. Sarat prison.

Neagu Dumitru - lawyer, aged 66, from Focsani, he died on 21 June 1952 at Aiud.

Neagu Ion - died in 1954 at Gherla.

Neagu Marin - young upholsterer from Constanta, arrested in May 1948 for national-Christian activities. During detention he fell ill with tuberculosis and hepatitis, which brought about his death.

Neagu Tudor - court clerk from Neamt county, was arrested and disappeared without a trace.

Nechita Leon - died in 1962 at Gherla.

Nedea Dumitru - Greek-Catholic priest, born on 22 February 1893 in the village of Nevrincea (Severin county). He received theological education abroad, officiated as a village priest for nine years, and in 1930 he became a professor at Blaj Theological Academy. Arrested in 1948, during the persecution against the Church, he died in a concentration camp.

Nedelean Ion - killed by Securitate in Timisoara, in 1949-50 (?).

Nedelcu Ion - died at Gherla, in 1954.

Nedelcu (?) - died in 1963 in Oradea prison. Neferescu Ion - school inspector, died in Craiova prison in 1952-53 (?).

Negip Hagi Fezil - b. 1906 in the village of Tataru (Azapllar) in Dobruja, poet and playwright, leader of the Tartars in the region, he died in 1948 in dramatic circumstances as yet unknown, in the Constanta Securitate cellars.

Negoescu (?) - navy captain, was shot dead in 1949 Zdrenianin extermination camp (Yugoslavia).

Negrea Stefan - born in Braila, fifth-year student at the Faculty of Philology in Bucharest, died in November 1958 at Gherla.

Negrea Tudor - peasant from Vrancea, died in detention in 1963, in the Baia Sprie lead mines.

Negrea (?) - Orthodox priest, died at the Death Canal. Negrea (?) - officer, died in 1951 at Aiud.

Negrea (?) - lawyer from Tg. Jiu, died in October 1959 in Craiova prison.

Negreanu Petru - died in 1959 at Gherla. Negrei Gabriel - from Bucharest, general in reserve, member of the Military Section leadership of NPP, arrested on 6 August 1947, sentenced to 7 years of penal servitude in a set-up trial in January 1948, at the age of 80. He died at Aiud, in May 1951, aged 83.

Negrei Mihai - locksmith, aged 40, from Catunu (Prahova), died at Aiud in 1951.

Negroiu Dumitru - killed by Securitate in Timisoara.

Negruti Ramiro - died at Gherla in 1959.

Negulescu Valeriu-Vica - lawyer, deputy mayor of Bucharest, leader of the legionary movement. Sentenced to hard labor for life in 1948, he went through the "reeducation" in Pitesti. Following a retrial of his case - under the accusation of having inspired and organized the atrocities of the Pitesti "reeducation" (the real initiator being the Ministry of the Interior), he was sentenced to death on 10 November 1954. He died at Jilava in 1959 from tortures.

Negulici Anton (Gheorghe) - lawyer, aged 72, from Campulung Moldovenesc, arrested with a group of partisans, died in Galati prison on 11 November 1960.

Negulici Marius - colonel, died in Aiud prison in April 1952.

Negulici Marius - proprietor from the village of Vranesti-Calinesti, Arges county, arrested in 1945; he was chained to a motorbike and dragged to death, then hanged in a stable and ridiculed.

Nemea Ion - died in 1951 at Gherla.

Nemes Ioan - died in 1960 at Gherla. Nemeth Petre - died in 1959 at Gherla.

Nemeti Vasile - butcher, aged 36, from Turda, died at Aiud in 1947.

Nemoianu Petre - born in Bucharest, Doctor of Political Sciences and Law, journalist of Curentul; he was prefect of Caras, and in 1926 deputy from Severin; between 14 September 1940 and 21 January 1941, sub-secretary of state at the Agriculture Department. Arrested in 1946, he died on 8 July 1951 in Aiud prison.

Nemteanu Nicolae - lawyer in Husi and Falticeni, died in Botosani prison in 1961.

Nenisor Sergiu - diplomat, Nicolae Titulescu's nephew and assistant. Arrested, he was placed under house arrest in the Baragan. Seriously ill, he was transferred to a hospital where, guarded by Securitate, he died.

Nestman Leopold - Catholic priest, born in Bukovina, professor at Iasi Faculty of Theology, died in prison.

Netea Victor - born at Fagaras, he was executed in 1957 for his participation in the anticommunist armed resistance in the mountains.

Netta Gheron - university professor at the Commercial Academy; as Minister of Finance (1 April-23 August 1944), he imposed the Germans stationed in Romania to finance in gold the additional supplies they required, which increased Romania's treasury resources; after 23 August 1944, the treasury was stolen by the Soviets. In 1946 he was expelled from education, arrested and sentenced to hard labor. He was imprisoned at Jilava and he died at Aiud.

Nica Marin - peasant from the village of Soldanu, Ilfov county, he died in prison.

Nichita Dumitru - born on 27 February 1910, engine driver from Constanta; he was the victim of a frame-up trial under the accusation of "sabotaging the development of the national economy", connected with the works at the Danube-Black Sea canal. He was sentenced to death and executed in Constanta, on 14 October 1952. After his (and others') assassination, the prosecutor who had demanded the death penalty made an appeal, and N. D. was acquitted, after being executed.

Nichita G. Nicolae - born in Bukovine, he was deported by the Soviets to lake Onega (USSR) and he died on his way back home, in Cernauti railway station.

Nichita Pavel - shepherd from Bajbunar, Constanta county, killed in battle with Securitate in Dobruja in 1949.

Nicoara Adrian - lathe operator, handed over to Securitate by the Hungarian authorities after crossing the border, he was arrested and killed during the investigation in Timisoara, in 1988.

Nicoara Alexandru - engineer, killed by Securitate in the autumn of 1986.

Nicoara Ion - born at Rusca (Banat), he fought in the Banat mountains against Securitate, and was killed in battle.

Nicoara Ion - died in 1954 at Gherla.

Nicoara Gheorghe - doctor, aged 33, born in Sibiu, he died at Aiud in 1954.

Nicolae Gheorghe - mason, aged 22, from Bucharest, he died at Aiud in 1951.

Nicolae N. S. Gheorghe - peasant, died in the village of Barsesti during the 1946 elections, killed by a grenade thrown through the window in the polling station.

Nicolae Iordan - from Casimcea, killed by Securitate in Timisoara on 10 March 1950.

Nicolae Nicolae - aged 18, shot dead at Dalles Hall in December 1989.

Nicolaescu Bugheanu (?) - arrested for the first time in 1950, he was imprisoned in Pitesti, Vacaresti, Ocnele Mari, Gherla, Jilava. Re-arrested for helping the deportees in the Baragan, he was sentenced to hard labor and he died in prison on 3 August 1959.

Nicolaiescu Vasile - born at Lozava (Bessarabia), schoolteacher, deported by the Soviets in 1949, he died in Siberia.

Nicolau Ionel - lawyer from Bacau, president of the NPP county organization, deputy. He was arrested in 1947 during Iuliu Maniu and Ion Mihalache's trial, was imprisoned in Craiova, and he died at Vacaresti in 1951 (?).

Nicolau Nicolae - died in Aiud prison.

Nicolau (?) - tradesman from Brasov, he died in prison.

Nicolau Vasilica - colonel from Campulung Muscel, prefect of Alba Iulia; he was arrested in 1951 and he died at Navodari in 1953.

Nicolescu Constantin - Orthodox priest from Draganesti, Olt county, died in prison.

Nicolescu Valeria - from the village of Potlogi, Dambovita county, student in Bucharest; she died in Mislea women's prison.

Nicolici Alexandru - priest from Teregova, sentenced to 15 years of penal servitude for fighting in the anticommunist resistance movement in the Banat mountains. He died in detention.

Niculae Vasile - died at Gherla in 1949.

Niculescu Costel - born in Ialomita county, he was arrested on 15 August 1952 and interned in Gales hard labor camp. Sent to work during illness and denied treatment, he threw himself in despair before a train, dying at Gales on 13 October 1953.

Niculescu Dinu - died at Gherla in 1962.

Niculescu Ion - doctor from Ploiesti, died in prison.

Niculescu Ion - tradesman from Bucharest, died in Capul Midia extermination camp.

Niculescu M. Gheorghe - officer from Bucharest, aged 62, he died in 1951 at Ocnele Mari.

Niculescu Malu - socialist leader, he was arrested as a result of antagonisms with the communists and he died at Ocnele Mari in 1949.

Niculita Ioana - Catholic nun; she died in prison.

Nisis Saul - from Rezina (Bessarabia), born in 1892, he was arrested by the Soviets in 1946 and he died in the Stalinist camps.

Nistor Constantin - student from Iasi, aged 28, he died in 1950 at Tg. Ocna.

Nistor Dumitru - Minister secretary of state at the Ministry of the Interior in general Sanatescu's government, he was arrested and he died in 1963 in Botosani prison.

Nistor Gheorghe - peasant from Razboieni (Neamt), he was killed in prison.

Nistor Ion - born at Hunedoara, he was sentenced to death in 1957, in a frame-up trial, and executed in 1959.

Nistoreanu Ion - died in 1959 at Gherla.

Nita Corneliu - after graduating from King Ferdinand high school in Bacau, he was a student of Iasi Polytechnics and the Faculty of Law at Gh. Asachi University. Arrested in September 1949, he was tortured by Iasi Securitate and sent to the inferno of Pitesti, where the executioners tortured him to death; he died on 26 February 1950.

Nita Mihai - mechanic, aged 30, from Bacau, he died in 1953 at Aiud.

Nitescu Dumitru - died in 1959 at Gherla.

Nitescu Gheorghe - engineer, aged 30, from Barnesti (Dambovita), he died in 1952 at Tg. Ocna.

Nitescu Gheorghe-Goe - student of Polytechnics, he was killed at Tg. Ocna in October 1951.

Nitescu Nicolae - from Bucharest, aged 42, killed by Timisoara Securitate on 2 April 1950.

Nitescu Traian - died in 1957 at Gherla.

Nitu Cornel - student, born in Bacau, he went through the infamous "reeducation" and he died in Pitesti prison in 1951.

Nitu Ion - born in the village of Castranova-Puturi, Dolj county, Romanian teacher at Craiova Normal School, secretary of the NPP county organization, he was arrested and he died, apparently, in Botosani prison.

Nitu Nicolae - schoolteacher from the village of Pietrosani (Muscel), sentenced to death for participating in the armed resistance movement, and executed in 1959 at Jilava.

Nitu Petru - mason, aged 24, born at Petrosnita (Severin), he died at Aiud in 1948.

Nitu Vasile - farmer, aged 41, from Galbiori (Constanta), killed by Timisoara Securitate in April 1950.

Nitulescu Emil - postal inspector from Bucharest, aged 54, he died at Aiud in 1963.

Nohai Ion-Justin - Catholic priest from Bucharest, he died in prison.

Norbert Artur-Pecsi - born 29 March 1975 at Satu Mare, he was shot dead at 14, on 3 March 1989, near the city, on a dike on Somes riverbank.

Novac Eftimie - from Timisoara, aged 60, he died at Aiud in 1964.

Novac Gelu - schoolboy from Fagaras, killed in a fight against Securitate in 1954, at Oreja, Alba county.

Novac Ion - from Fagaras, executed at Jilava in 1957.

Novacovici Traian - typesetter, socialist leader from Arges county, he was tortured and killed in Ghencea camp on 7 May 1950.

Novaceanu Petru - died in 1952 at Gherla.

Nutu Dumitru - died in Gherla prison in 1950.